Funny Signs seen around the world

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Have you seen funny signs on your travels?

Over the years we have seen numerous signs on our travels that have given us a bit of a giggle.  We thought it would be fun to collaborate with other travellers to find funny signs from around the world.  From South Africa to North America… even China, we received a whole bunch of funny signs waiting for a laugh.  Here are some of the signs that travellers have discovered on their adventures:

Cigarette Butts

Wyndham, New York, United States, photo taken by KIDcongeniality,

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Go left

Tampere, Finland, photo taken by akaastamoi

A photo posted by @akaastamoi on


Invisible Cows

Hawaii, United States, photo taken by Kevin from Wandering Wagars

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“We saw this sign while driving up Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii. Although we totally get the concern of cows wandering through the fog, it launched an entire trip worth of Ghost Cow puns which almost led to my wife throwing me in the ocean.”

Sign, invisible Cows


Bullfighting and Construction worker’s dead end

Florence, Italy, photo taken by Bel Around The World

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sign, Italy

sign, italy

Dead end surfing?

Paris, Europe, photo taken by Danielle from Thought Card

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sign dead end or surfing

Dont feed the horses

Hawaii, United States, photo taken by Lindzeh

A photo posted by Lindzeh (@lindzeh16) on

Dont Poo

Victoria, Australia, photo taken by Ester from Trip to Adventure

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sign dont poo

Free Ride

Utah, United States, photo taken by Vanessa Lee-Jones

A photo posted by @vanessa_leejones on

Fertilized and Watered

Green Point, Cape Town, South Africa, photo taken by Sara from In Africa and Beyond

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signs, cape town, south africa

GPS Wrong

Mississippi,  United States, photo taken by Heather form Eyes on the prize


Wife Inside

Fortville, Arkasas, United States, photo taken by 

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“Taken at America RV Park in April 2008.  As you leave the park the sign has a list of things your should remember.  On the list are the words Wife Inside.”

Sign, Wife Inside

Eat Pie

Union Grove, Wisconsin, United States, photo taken by Laura Rolerat

 Butts Wynd?

Scotland, United Kingdom, photo taken by Natalie from Cosmos Mariners

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“We found this silly (if a bit irreverent) street sign while exploring St. Andrews, Scotland, a few years back. How could I NOT take a picture of a street called Butts Wynd?”

sign, butts

Unique  Town Name

 Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada, photo taken by Shaun from This Life in Trips

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town, sign

Toilet Instructions

Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan, photo taken by Sarabeth from The February Fox, follow Sarabeth on Facebook and Instagram

sign, toilet instructions

Vegans Welcome

London, England, United Kingdom, photo taken by Becca from The Fit Foodnita 

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signs, vegans

Sleeping Police Lady

Cayo, Belize, North America, photo taken by Jennie from Ride or Fly Chick 

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“A street sign that my mother and I saw in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest in between San Ignacio and the Caracol Ruins. Our guide called it “The Sleeping Police Lady”. It is a sign to warn motorist of the upcoming speed bump which the people of Belize call “Sleeping Policemen”. It was not put there by the government but by an artist that lives in the area.”

sign, police lady

Deep and Dangerous

Lijiang, China, photo taken by Rachel from Based Traveler

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sign, dont fall

No Rushing

Tokio, Japan, photo taken by Sanne from Spend Life Traveling

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This sign I found in a metro station in Tokio, Japan. And as can be expected of the Japanese, everyone respects this sign, nobody rushes inside metro stations in Tokio!

sign, rushing

Husband Creche

Cape Town, South Africa, taken by Klipdrifters, follow Heather and Lisa on Facebook and Instagram

sign, husband crech

If you have spotted any funny signs on your travels, and would like to share them with the rest of the world, send us an email and we will feature you in our next edition of “Funny Signs!”  Keep travelling, stay safe and laugh until your belly hurts!

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